Our mission is to design and build innovate software that will let us solve the unique challenges that the food industry is faced with today and deliver this to you by an experienced team who care about customer service.


Who are Consus

We are a leading software supplier, specialising in factory and packhouse management systems for the food manufacturing, packing and farming industry.

The food industry is complex, fast moving and profit margins are being ever eroded for businesses. Retailers are ever more demanding of the freshness and quality of their products. They demand in depth traceability, accuracy, rapid responses and expect you to supply product at a price that they expect. The Consus software meets these ever changing and demanding challenges head on and through our continuous investment in Consus you can be sure that we can offer you a product that will bring added value to your business.

Part of the Affinitus Group

In 2020 Consus joined the Affinitus Group. Affinitus have extensive experience throughout the Fresh Produce, Food Service, Agricultural and Warehousing sectors providing cutting edge ERP, CRM, Mobile Devices and Dashboard functionality.

The Consus software naturally aligns itself with the Affinitus’ offering and we will continue to develop new solutions to complement our existing options and give customers more choice

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